Dialogo è accettare l'altro come è e come egli stesso si definisce e si presenta a noi, di non cessare di essere se stessi mentre ci si confronta con il diverso, di essere consapevoli che la nostra identità esce arricchita e non sminuita da chi di questa identità non accetta alcuni elementi, magari anche quelli che noi riteniamo fondamentali. La riconciliazione è possibile, tra i cristiani e nella compagnia degli uomini. (Enzo Bianchi, priore della Comunità di Bose)

Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture of the Holy See Fr. Barthelemy Adoukonou to Visit Taiwan

At the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fr. Barthelemy Adoukonou, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture of the Holy See, and Fr. Theodore Mascarenhas will visit Taiwan from April 17 to 21, 2010. During their stay, the delegates will attend a welcoming luncheon hosted by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Lyushun Shen. In addition, they will also call on Archbishop of Kaohsiung Peter Liu, and pay a visit at the Apostolic Nunciature, the Council for Cultural Affairs, the Government Information Office, City Government of Kaohsiung, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, the National Palace Museum, the National Museum of History, among other institutions. Furthermore, Secretary Adoukonou will address opening remarks for the “International Symposium in Commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of Father Matteo Ricci” and deliver a keynote speech at the Faculty of Theology of Fu-Jen Catholic University. This marks the first trip to Taiwan for Secretary General Adoukonou and Fr. Mascarenhas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sincerely welcomes the arrival of officials from the Pontifical Council and wishes that through participating in the symposium in commemoration of Father Matteo Ricci, and visiting different authorities, the delegates could garner deeper understanding about this country and thus further consolidate the bilateral relations between Taiwan and the Holy See.


Government Information Office, Republic of China (Taiwan)

16 aprile 2010