Dialogo è accettare l'altro come è e come egli stesso si definisce e si presenta a noi, di non cessare di essere se stessi mentre ci si confronta con il diverso, di essere consapevoli che la nostra identità esce arricchita e non sminuita da chi di questa identità non accetta alcuni elementi, magari anche quelli che noi riteniamo fondamentali. La riconciliazione è possibile, tra i cristiani e nella compagnia degli uomini. (Enzo Bianchi, priore della Comunità di Bose)

Expo Shanghai 2010: The missionary world is also present through Matteo Ricci

"Everyone in China knows Matteo Ricci who, along with Marco Polo, is the only Italian featured in the millennium monument in Beijing” said, last March, monsignor Claudio Giuliodori, bishop of Macerata-Tolentino-Recanati-Cingoli-Treia, president of the Episcopal Commission Cei for Culture amnd Social Communication, presenting in the headquarters of Vatican Radio, the two international conferences dedicated to the Jesuit missionary born in Macerata, who would become the first missionary to go to China – who became a Chinese among the Chinese’ – in the context of the Shanghai Expo, coinciding with the 400th anniversary of the death of father Matteo. "The Italy entrance pavilion shall be inspired by the figure of father Matteo Ricci, who will serve as a kind of testimonial for our country" said the bishop, who spoke to Vatican radio, adding: “Father Matteo Ricci has opened the possibility of dialogue and acquaintance between West and East: they are two conferences of noteworthy theological and cultural profile precisely because of the soundness of Ricci’s though that has withstood time and which merits great attention…. I believe that in his message there I not just something that concerns the past, but there is a fertile seed for the future. Therefore to recover his legacy and discover his value means to be able to have resources and chances even for the future in the dialogue between West and East”. Upon the initiative of the dioceses of Macerata, of the general Curia of the Jesuits and of the Vatican Congregation for the Cases of Saints, the hearings for the beatification of Matteo Ricci, which came to halt in the past years, has resumed. In particular, in the past few months, the diocesan phase of the hearing has concluded and a historic commission has been constituted entrusted to integrate the documentation that has so far been collected with other studies and witness accounts.



30 aprile 2010