Dialogo è accettare l'altro come è e come egli stesso si definisce e si presenta a noi, di non cessare di essere se stessi mentre ci si confronta con il diverso, di essere consapevoli che la nostra identità esce arricchita e non sminuita da chi di questa identità non accetta alcuni elementi, magari anche quelli che noi riteniamo fondamentali. La riconciliazione è possibile, tra i cristiani e nella compagnia degli uomini. (Enzo Bianchi, priore della Comunità di Bose)

Jesuits hope for Ricci-Xu canonizations

di Francis Kuo

The Chinese province of the Society of Jesus hopes that Father Matteo Ricci, the pioneering Italian Jesuit missioner to China, and his Chinese collaborator Paul Xu Guangqi can be canonized together.

This is not only in line with the modern Church’s trend of cooperation between priests and laypeople, but would also encourage young Chinese men to think of a religious vocation and perhaps even join the Jesuits, said Father Louis Gendron, the provincial.

“It is a rare thing in Church history for a foreign missioner and his local collaborator to be proclaimed confessor saints together,” said the American priest.

The Jesuit Chinese province began helping the Holy See with the sainthood cause of Father Ricci (1552-1610) in early May. His native Macerata diocese in Italy re-launched the process in January after it had lost some impetus following the initial phase concluded in 1985.

Shanghai diocese, the birthplace of Xu (1562-1633), plans to start the sainthood cause for the Ming imperial official and has urged local Catholics to pray for this.

To mark the 400th death anniversary of Father Ricci, the Chinese province has also printed prayers for the priest’s sainthood cause and for vocations to the Jesuit order.

Although the Jesuits’ Chinese province covers a large area, only a few of the 200 Jesuits who serve here are ethnic Chinese, said Father Gendron.

In the past decade, only three from Taiwan joined the congregation.



26 maggio 2010